The Portable Door by Tom Holt

Paul Carpenter is a dull, boring, lazy guy looking for a regular job, and finds one at what seems to be the respectable London company of J.W. Wells and Co.  At the job interview he meets Sophie, a plain, boring young woman just like him competing for the same job.  They find to their surprise that they are both hired.  The big rule of the company?  Out of the building by 5:30 or else.  Of course, he doesn’t leave on time one day and are therefore assigned thankless tasks like sorting out the basement, and discovers that the company is for more sinister than it appears.  For one the company is owned by goblins.   For two, the basement contains Scarlett O’Hara’s birth certificate and life insurance for one Vlad Dracul.  Written in a very British style, this is very much like a real-world Terry Pratchett novel.   First of a trilogy.
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