Agent 21 by Chris Ryan

Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider is finally coming to an end with Scorpia Rising. You  may want to check out this recently published novel for a readalike. The book follows the typical formula: Zak's parents were murdered, and he's being approached by a mysterious man who wants to recruit Zak into this secret organization. “I work for a government agency,” the man tells him. “You don’t need to know which one. Not yet. All you need  to know is that we’ve had our eye on you. There’s a possibility you could help us in certain… operational situations.”  Zak is then whisked off to a Scottish island for training and immediately given his first mission: to infiltrate Mexico's most infamous drug lord's family. 
That's how Zak became Agent 21.  He wondered what happened to the 20 agents before him, but no one would tell him.
Chris Ryan also writes for adults and is a the author of the teen "Code Red" series.  He was once a British Special Air Service member. 
Other spy novels that may be of interest: The Devil’s Breath by David Gilman, The Lab by Jack Heath, Young Bond series by Charlie Higson,Thieves Like Us by Stephen Cole.
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