0.4 by Mike Lancaster

It all began at the annual talent show. Kyle's best friend, Danny, was standing on the stage looking uncomfortable, because he'd just asked for volunteers to be hypnotized in his act and had no response from the audience. Kyle, being the good friend that he was, put up his hand and volunteered. So did his other friend's girlfriend Lilly, and then two other adults. They walked up to the stage, and was told to relax. "Close your eyes, and concentrate on the darkness in front of you. In the middle, there's a very bright light.  Relax your head, and the light dims a little. Relax your arms, and just like that, the light dims a bit more..." Just relax. Relax.
Then the next thing he knew Kyle woke up. As he's adjusting back to reality, he realized that everyone else had been frozen in mid-action. The only people who could move were the four volunteers. They thought perhaps only the audience at the talent show was affected, but as they ran to various places in town, they saw others also stuck like statues. TVs, computers and their cellphones were all not working. What's going on? Maybe, just maybe, they're still hypnotized, or something happened while they're unconscious. Either way, if you think this is scary, wait till the townsfolk wakes up...in an hour.
A quick read, easily devoured in one sitting. Great for readers who enjoy a good Twilight Zone type episode, or a classic sci-fi plot. Eerie and keeps you guessing all the way.
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