Lamb by Christopher Moore

Biff was the 13th apostle, the one that we never heard about having been expunged from the Bible as we know it, but he's back (resurrected, in fact) to fill in the gaps. He recounts the 'real' versions of the Greatest Story Ever Told having been witness to everything, being Jesus' best friend from childhood.

This is a comedy, and it's quite funny. We get to see Jesus' spiritual awakening, from his visits to the Three Wise Men, learning how to become invisible and how to do Kung Fu. That said, it is not for the easily offended or the sensitive. While is it sacreligious, it does show a certain level of respect. This whole risque, controversial nature of the books is exactly why it's perfect.

Christopher Moore has written a number of books, many of which are loosely tied together by setting or recurring background characters, but you generally don't need to read them in any particular order. He also (still set in the same world as all the other books) writes some vampire romance, but not the girly kind. His vampires are in fact deadly, and are women.
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