Maze Runner by James Dashner

Thomas wakes up in a box. He knows his name is Thomas, he knows what school is and how to feed himself and all the other kinds of thing everyone knows. But he doesn’t remember anything else. He doesn’t know where he came from or how he got where he is; he doesn’t know his family or even his last name. He just knows that something weird is going on.

When he’s pulled out of the box, he finds himself in a walled village full of teenage boys. They seem to run a little culture of their own, farming, feeding, healing and entertaining themselves. He soon discovers, however, that the walls are part of a great maze, and the boys have been there for two years, knowing only that they want to escape, but not how.

The maze is massive, and it changes every night. There are monster that sting poison. And the only cure brings back snippets of memories from the real world. Horrible memories that implicate Thomas in something sinister.

I liked this one. It was pure action and adventure, moving from point to point quickly and without fuss, though it was a little annoying for the first while to have explanations deferred to "I'll tell you later" and "that can wait until we're done this". Not that there is much explanation to be had; that's being saved for the sequels.

Note: Having now read the first sequel, you don't get much more... maybe the third book?
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