F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers by Richard Benson

When you didn't spend the time cramming for your test, and your mind starts humming tweedle dee dee, be creative. That's what all these students featured in this book did.
What type of attractive force or bond holds the sodium ions and chloride ions together in a crystal of sodium chloride?
James Bond.
Name six animals which live specifically in the Arctic.

Two polar bears and four seals.
The book also offers some funny spelling mistakes students made, like
What happens during puberty to a boy?
He says goodbye to his childhood and enters adultery.
Name one measure which can be put into place to avoid river flooding in times of extensive rainfall (e.g. in Mississippi).
...by placing a number of big dames into the river. 
Well, full points to the students for coming up with great answers, but when you look at some of the questions, they're just asking for it.  
Perfect little book for those who are not crazy about traditional reading but need something for silent reading (whether you can remain "silent" when reading this book is another matter).
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