Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi

In this future world, environmental destruction and climate change have caused major cities to be underwater and huge corporations are fighting for control of whatever resources can be salvaged. Nailer is a 14 year old boy who scavenges metal and oil from ships that have washed up on shore. Life is brutal and dangerous, and although they work in crews, each person only watches out for themselves.
One day, Nailer and his friend find a broken clipper ship with enough wealth to buy themselves freedom and a better life. However, they also find a young girl who promises them that her family will reward them if they save her. Nailer and his friend are confronted with the decision of whether to save her life or run off with their treasure.
Writing and pace are pretty good -- w/ believable characters and some tense scenes (e.g. in the second chapter, Nailer almost drowns when he falls into oil and one of his crew members refuses to rescue him).
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