The Shadowing #1: Hunted by Adam Slater

I don't know if you can ever get used to seeing dead people, but after so many years, Callum at least knows to expect them and not be too surprised by their appearances.  You know what is scarier than seeing ghosts though?  It's not seeing them all of a sudden. Callum was walking home through the forest and there were always ghosts gathering there, but today, nothing. It's dead silent. Then as he tried to hurry home, he heard a piercing howl. He had no interest in finding out what could be so terrifying that even the ghosts had to hide.
Callum started running.
When he got inside and had calmed himself down, he thought perhaps he'd imagined it all.  Afterall, it could just be all that murder talk he'd been hearing about all day.  The kids were discussing the gruesome details today...something about the victims' eyes being torn out and stuff. He's sure a good night sleep would make everything better, but of course, you already know that is not going to happen.
The cover, as you can see, is a bit over the top, but it is a decent page-turning horror story, which is hard to come by in books for that late elementary / early high school group. The "hunt" begins almost right away, and it's hard to stop reading as you watch this nightmare unfolds for Callum, his grandma and his new friend Melissa. The murders are pretty gory, but the scariest scene is definitely when Callum literally comes face to face with the hunter with just the window of his house between the two. It's bone-chilling scary.  The characters are okay, but I'm sure character development is not the key here,which is just fine for this type of story.
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