The Dragonback Series by Timothy Zahn

Jack Morgan, an orphan and thief, is on the run after being framed for 2 murders he did not commit. While investigating the remains of a crashed spaceship, he finds Draycos, an alien of the K’da, running away from his enemies the Valahgua (also aliens). Draycos bonds to Jack and is able to slip into his skin as the form of a tattoo. With Draycos on his kin, Jack is able to use some of the alien's powers. The two of them embark on a mission to save the rest of Draycos’ race and clear Jack’s name. Lots of spaceship battles, chases, aliens, and the plot has more of the feeling of epic fantasy...
Timothy Zahn is author of several Star Wars Expanded Universe novels and other adult sci-fi/fantasy novels.
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