The Devil's Cinema by Steve Lillebuen

He started out as a regular guy, did Mark Twitchell.  He was living out his dream as a filmmaker.  A talented costume maker, he made fantastic Halloween costumes, designed his own props for his Star Wars fan film and managed to get the attention of investors willing to make a go of a new feature film.  With his friends and crew, he put together a short horror film to use as a promo piece to attract even more money.

He had a wife and a new daughter, a new home, all in his home town of Edmonton, Alberta.  Everything was going his way.  And then someone introduced him to Dexter.  You've probably heard of Dexter.  A blood spatter expert for the Miami police by day, serial killer by night, initially choosing those who avoid police attention as his victims.  Not exactly a hero, what with being a killer and all, but certain a fascinating character.  Mark Twitchell admired Dexter. Was obsessed with him, actually.

So, using his horror movie as a template, he decide to be like Dexter.  Using a fake personals add on the internet, he lures Johnny Altinger to his film set, and butchers him.

The Devil's Cinema  is the story of the crime, the hunt and the bizarre trial and defence of Mark Twitchell for the murder of Altinger, from the secret diary that described in detail Twitchell's evolution into a killer to his secret affairs.  It examines his Facebook account under Dexter's name where he openly discusses his pending murder plans.

It's an odd tale, but an interesting one.  It's not especially graphic, but, being the story of a rookie serial killer, does included some scenes of violence and butchery, and there is some 'language'.  But what is language compared to murder, right?

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