Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride

You work in a fast food joint, you've dropped out of college, and you have no prospects for the future.  You work with your best friends, none of whom have many prospects either, so while nothing is great, it isn't that terrible either.  But as hijinx ensue with your buddies, you bust the brakelight of on an expensive car, and the guy comes in to your restaurant read to bust heads.  He sees you, and suddenly his attitude changes.

This is what happens to Sam.  It turns out, much to his surprise, that he isn't in fact a normal guy.  He's a necromancer.  And the guy whose car he busted is one, too.  Only much more powerful, the terrifying head of the local Council (of mythical and paranormal beasts and such).  And he wants Sam and his powers.

This book reminds me of a YA version of Christopher Moore's style.  I suspect the author would appreciate that comparison, and I think it's apt. Moore's books are set in the real world, with real locations and brands that help make the story more absurd when angels and demons appear and everyone in it is witty or sarcastic. Lish McBride pulls the same style here for a similar effect.

Set in Seattle, featuring real city locations, it feels more odd when the weird stuff starts, given that these are real places you could actually visit. It is firmly paranormal: werewolves, fey, necromancy, witches (real magic ones, not Wiccan), zombies, talking severed heads...  But it never loses its sense of humour, and never takes itself too seriously.  The story is told in a combination of first person from Sam and third person for everyone else, which I find an odd and initially jarring choice, but it settles in pretty well.  

Not really for serious fantasy readers, this is more humour than paranormal.  When reading the title, think of an Elton John song and of Phoebe on Friends.  You'll get what the mindframe you need to be in for this book.  
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