Year-end wrap up

Three days into 2013 and I still haven't read anything!  Since 2013 has proven to be a tremendous disappointment book-wise (where are all the acclaimed books? I demand instant gratification!) So what were the books that caught my eye, one way or another, in 2012?  This could be longer, but I had a weird December.  This is really just to remind everyone that we do still exist! I"m only speaking for me here.  Virginia and Mel may not agree with me on these.

Rave book that I just doesn't getThe Fault in our Stars by John Green.

Sorry, pretty much everyone.  I don't get it.  This is everything I object to in Young Adult lit.  Feelings.  Issues.  Dead or dying people.  Overly clever and witty young people.  I tried to read this for this blog, I really did, but I couldn't get into it.  Goodreads readers voted this one the Best Young Adult fiction novel of 2012.  Not me.

Book I would have reviewed if it weren't about an old man last relevant nearly 40 years ago: Who I Am by Pete Townshend.

The Who are great.  They are among the best bands ever, held the Guinness Record for loudest rock band and created the theme songs to all the CSI shows.  But that was all back in the '60s and '70s.  Pete is to kids today what Little Richard was to me.  Old news.

Laziest review I wrote this year: The Internet by Everyone

Seriously.  I reviewed the Internet. Twice.

Best comment: Roy Gill on The Daemon Parallel

We don't get a lot of comments (we won't bite, really), but the fact that the author himself commented is always cool.

Runner-up:  These gems.

Thing that most kept me from reading (...or did it?): Video Games.

I covered a lot of video game novels in 2012.  Reading is reading, whatever the topic.

Coolest book-related experience in real-life: Virginia and I met Lemony Snicket (well, his representative Daniel Handler).  Odd Fellow.

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