What Boys Like: Call of Duty

We're starting a new feature here, sort of a quick primer on things of interest to boys that aren't books or comics.  Movies, music, video games, whatever it might be, something that you should know when you are  asking boys what they want to read.  It's easier to recommend material when you know what they already like, and usually their interests extend beyond books.

Today's item: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (COD:MW3)

Over the course of the three games in the Modern Warfare series, Russian extremists have taken over their country and are now in the process of invading the West, with the US and the UK (among others) firmly in their sights.  You play the role of various special forces operatives from both the US and the UK set out to prevent this from happening.  In the first game, you ultimately fail.  It isn't afraid of killing you off to move the story along.  The second and newly released third game continue the story.

While the plot is a fairly bland one, the real appeal of the game is in the multi-player modes.  With a Playstation or XBox Live account and a headset microphone, players can perform missions, issue orders and generally play soldier with friends.  Aimed at adults (the weapons, tactics and graphics are all pretty realistic), teens nevertheless play.  It just an advanced form of the classic war games boys have always played like cops and robbers.

This game is rated M, and is rated M for a reason.  It's a realistic, violent, representation of war.  While not inappropriate for younger audience (it is far from glamorous and it isn't gratuitous), it isn't the worst, either. Remember, most gamers are adults.

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