Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction

Here's another book that will probably make parents and teachers cringe. A step by step instruction manual on making projectiles, catapults, and other wonderful artillery from materials available to any teen -- elastic bands, pencils, string, paper clips and the like.
My favourites are the "claymore mine" that fires candy shrapnel and the Ping Pong Zooka that shoots flaming ping pong balls. (I am seriously tempted to try these projects out...) The book also includes instructions on how to cut out the pages of a book and turn it into a secret hiding place for your weaponry and well as how to make alien and zombie targets. The detailed diagrams accompanying the instructions make it easy to put these projects together. I think this is another one of those great novelty books that will appeal to teen guys (not to mention adults). Besides, what better way to keep yourself occupied during a boring class than make crossbows with rubber bands and pens? (disclaimer: I am not endorsing the use of projectiles in the classroom)
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