The Internet is a Playground by David Thorne

David Thorne might be insane. Billed as a humorist on the back of the book, he is apparently a graphic designer from Australia, but reading this, he doesn't seem to like to do any actual work; instead, he prefers to harangue his co-workers and his clients. He seems to be able to get away with some pretty cruel and unusual stuff, including taunting the police, creating a mocking missing poster for someone's cat, trying to pay an overdue fee with a drawing of a spider, and giving his boss grief over every little request.

The book is a collection of blog posts from 27bslash6. Language warning. But also really funny to a certain sense of humour (mine included). While this could qualify as a novelty book since it is a spinoff of anothre medium, it is a little more substantial than most other novelty books. There aren't many images in the book, but those that are there are well worth it (see the missing-cat posters mentioned above).

The best part for the more hesitant boys here is that, even though it is a thick, heavy book, there is no story and no continuity from segment to segment. If bored, the reader can just move on to the next section or skip around to whatever strikes their fancy. I think the subtitle of the book is all the hook needed for those guys: "Irreverent Correspondences of an Evil Online Genius".
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